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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sports News: Reds fully behind Suarez - Dalglish

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has insisted the club stand united behind Luis Suarez and will not be divided.

The Uruguay international was given an eight-match ban by the Football Association on Tuesday after being found guilty of misconduct for using insulting words to Patrice Evra which included a reference to the Manchester United defender's colour.

Liverpool's players displayed their support for the 24-year-old by releasing a statement before kick-off and wearing T-shirts, and Dalglish said: "I think the boys showed their respect and admiration for Luis with wearing the T-shirts. It is a great reflection of the man as a character, a person and a footballer that the boys have been so supportive and so have the supporters."

He added: "He has earned that. He deserves it and we will always stand beside him.

"They will not divide the football club, no matter how hard they try."

Suarez also received support from Wigan manager Roberto Martinez who, while not being able to comment on the incident which led the striker's charge, offered an explanation of the difficulties foreign players sometimes have adapting to a new country.

"It is difficult to comment on that particular incident but in general you arrive to the British game and it is a culture shock," said the Spaniard, who first came to Wigan as a player in 1995. "Believe me there is no right or wrong in understanding your culture.

"You are seen doing something wrong and you don't think you are doing anything wrong because your background and your culture and the way you live back in your country it is nothing wrong.

"It is the same when British people go abroad and could upset people.

"The problem is where you draw the line. We are playing in England and you need to understand what is right and wrong but you need to understand cultures bring a little bit of misunderstanding if it is an honest mistake."

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