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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tyson Fury not ready for gamble against the Klitschko brothers

TYSON FURY claims he is not interested in cashing in with a big pay day against one of the Klitschko brothers – yet.
Wladimir and Vitali, the undisputed kings of the heavyweight ­division, both say they would like to fight the unbeaten 23-year-old.
But he will resist the lure of what would be his biggest purse as he believes he is not ready.
“It would be quite easy for me to go and get a fight with Wladimir in Germany,” said Fury. “But I’m only a baby in heavyweight terms. I’m the British and Commonwealth champion, I’m ­undefeated in 16 fights, but I don’t need that fight right now.
“Maybe in five or six fights’ time, if they want to do it, then fine. But I’m not going to Germany now, because after another five fights I’ll be hot property and they will have to come over here and fight me. What would be the point in me fighting them now for a quick pay day? It’s not about money for me, it’s about achieving.
‘‘I’m not going to rush in there until I’m ready and get beat. Because once my ‘0’ is gone, it’s gone. I’m going to take it steady at my own pace. I don’t need the money. I’ve food in the cupboard, I can put diesel in the car and I can go to the movies. I’m living the dream and I want to live it as long as I can.
“It’s quite easy to get a title shot these days because there are a lack of opponents.
“But to jump in the deep end now when I can’t swim yet would be senseless.”
Fury will defend his Commonwealth crown against undefeated Canadian Neven Pajkic at Manchester’s Event City on November 12.
It is the type of fight he feels will prepare him for a possible showdown with the Klitschkos in a year or so.
“I ain’t the finished article yet, nowhere near it,” added Fury. “At the moment I’m just 25 per cent of what I can be. But in 18 months’ time, I’ll be ready.”

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